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Child Orthopedic

About Child Orthopedic

Pediatric orthopedics is a specialized branch of orthopedic surgery which deals with musculoskeletal problems (bone, joint, and muscle) in a child who is still growing. It also includes musculoskeletal problems of young adults, which are the squeal of their childhood disease.

Children are not just small adults. As children are in a growing phase, their response to injuries (fractures), bone infections, deformities and other orthopedic problems would be quite different from those in a full grown person. Moreover, they cannot answer medical questions and might not be cooperative in clinical examinations. With the advancement of medical science, nowadays, there are a lot of new technical skills, investigation modalities and treatment options to combat those. It needs special training and a lot of involvement to this special wing of orthopedics. That is why, in developed countries, pediatric orthopedic surgeons dedicate themselves solely to this particular group of patients.